On Friday February 19, 1965, General William Westmoreland was on the cover of Time Magazine. Closer to home, Ken and Joan Gillespie were in the process of welcoming their second son, Bradley Kent Gillespie into the world. That would be me. From what I am told, I was not the easiest baby. I seemed toContinue reading “Beginnings”

2013: Loose Ends

That was the end of the notes that I kept documenting my go around with AMN. I wrote the following, today, 2 August 2021, based on what I can remember. Looking at it all in retrospect, it seems like a continuous, drawn-out rollercoaster ride, with high highs, low lows, loop de loops and hairpin turns,Continue reading “2013: Loose Ends”

Easy Backyard Access

I was in a bad spot. Before disability, I got great satisfaction from my yard. Keeping the grass trimmed, the trees pruned and the bird and squirrel bellies full. The wheel chair did not enhance the enjoyment, I tell you. I needed a solution. I built with my own two hands, from the comfort ofContinue reading “Easy Backyard Access”

Half Marathon in a Wheelchair

I have seen plenty of guys in races with handcycles and racing wheel chairs. I thought that I was the only dummy to try a race in a straight up ultralight chair like this dude is doing. They are going to make you sit through a pile of ads before you get to the video,Continue reading “Half Marathon in a Wheelchair”

An AMN Role Model that I Can Aspire to Emulate: Tim Maguire

While I have met Tim a few times, and have always liked what I heard, he is a humble man: previous to me stumbling onto this video, I had not idea how far he has taken his acceptance of, and adaptation to, the disease that we share. I encourage everyone to take a look. IContinue reading “An AMN Role Model that I Can Aspire to Emulate: Tim Maguire”

What was the Point of Darwin Post?

The message that I tried to share was: if you are disabled, you had best adapt. Not sure of the alternatives, but I can say with authority that it includes a less than full life. I have faced a couple challenges as I descended into disability. Some were pretty ugly, they knocked me down hard,Continue reading “What was the Point of Darwin Post?”