AMN Naughty Bits

The best that I can tell, most neurological maladies, include AMN, involve some nastiness not really suitable for the squeamish. In fact, some of it may not even be G-rated.

In my experience, most guys are not champing at the bit to share their private challenges. Over the years, after fighting one private battle after another, I have come to learn that we are not alone in this war against our rebellious bodies.

I have listed some of the stuff least suitable for family Thanksgiving feasts. Well not really because I wanted to get in your face, but because I thought that these “phenomena” might be the ones causing AMN patients the most anxiety. Sadly, it is not that special. Instead, it is typical, garden variety stuff.

Neurogenic bladder, resulting in incomplete emptying, untimely leakage, and overall, a real pain in the ass. Based on my experience, find me a man with symptoms of AMN that pees like he did when he was 16, and you may well have a liar. For a more clinical interpretation, have a look at Corre et al, 2021.

Bowel dysfunction. Most of what I am hearing is guys being clogged up. With that said, when my brother (with cerebral AMN) was checking out, he was pooping all over the place. So, I guess it swings both ways. .. Mosielleo and his crew, speak in general terms about neurogenic bowel dysfunction. While he does not specifically call out AMN, this sounds pretty close to me.

Erectile dysfunction. This one really hits the manhood good. Maybe even bigger than the pee thing. I am not sure how prevalent this is in the real world. Why? While guys usually are happy to open up about the other stuff, there is still some taboo here. And for whatever reason, I was unable to find a decent publication looking at this situation. Maybe researchers do not want to talk about it either? You are going to need to trust me, it is a thing.