Blue Ribbon Day!

My wife dragged the kids along on 5k runs. Great for the family, less for me. I mostly waited at the finish area. I needed more. When I heard of The Fathers’ Day, Amazon Foundation Run for the Trees, I decided that my spectator days were over. I would celebrate Fathers’ Day rolling with theContinue reading “Blue Ribbon Day!”

Fantastic Article

Anyone who reads, has likely seen bunches of articles intending to teach us how to go about being disabled. I happened upon this one in Forbes today: How To Look For Help If You Have A Disability The best that I can tell, Mr. Pulrang has concisely summarized most all of the stuff that IContinue reading “Fantastic Article”

Fire in the hole!

Untangling the shipping mess was going to wait. I had 17 bottles, and was on the program. I figured that my dose ought to be 50 mL per day. I vividly remember that first day. The whole family gathered around the kitchen table, almost like a ceremony. They watched as I carefully measured out theContinue reading “Fire in the hole!”


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