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There is work to be done!

Dear AMN men Certainly an exciting time for Minoryx and Swan Bio! As you all have learned, though, while we share many attributes of the disease, all of us are special in our own way. It is because of this, I am thinking that it is going to take more than 1-2 solutions to solve…

Working that Oil

Dr. Moser had published an article[1] that suggested that if pre-symptomatic boys received Lorenzo’s Oil, they had a reduced chance of developing the bad stuff associated with adrenoleukodystrophy. Problem: this stuff was hard to come by, in the U.S., anyway. I wondered, could this deficiency actually be a novel angle? Expectant and new parents, with…

6 Lesions is not proof, but…..

When I was diagnosed with AMN some years ago, I remember telling myself: I am ok with a wheelchair, but please, please leave my brain alone. So, as I was advised, I got the annual MRI. Nerve-wracking for the first several times, but became routine. Back in those days, the company line was if you…

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