Adaptations for Crippled Folk

This image is overly dramatic. I planned it that way. I needed to make an important point. The American with Disabilities Act is a beautiful thing. One of the truly great laws that has done plenty to help the disabled.

Good in most public places, not very helpful in private homes and spaces. The answer is in improvisation. I have tried to wiggle my way out of quite a few of the binds that I find myself in. Here are a few examples. Maybe useless for your needs, maybe not. At the least, it ought to get you thinking. Here from the highest tech/highest investment, to a couple midrange DYI efforts, to a useful solution made from spare parts found in most anyone’s garage. Here goes:

Driving for the Disabled

Driving = Independence.

Backyard Access

(Most) everyone can use a 1/4 ton hoist

How to keep your wheel chair dry