Disabled Adventures!

I like to think that I stretch the boundaries of what can be done in a wheel chair, well at least I used to until I ran across this young man in Maine! This is incredible stuff. I guess we all face at least some self imposed limits. Go Enock G! Makes me think thatContinue reading “Disabled Adventures!”

Something to Consider

I love to enter road races in my wheelchair. It is part of what I do, to feel normal. I guess I have a bit of work ahead of me before I need to deal with the problems described in this article- I am consistently slow. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-wheelchair-racers-outpace-olympic-distance-runners-but-not-sprinters/ I have a racing chair that some dudeContinue reading “Something to Consider”

I Posted a Silly Video Demo Of my Accessible Van Some Weeks Ago: This Piece is Much Better

Flipping through my Google alerts, I came upon this piece by Max Gravenstein: How to find a used wheelchair van. Hats off to you, Max, this piece puts my effort to shame. He has taken an analytical approach to getting the right deal on the car, far more in depth than anything I ever managed.Continue reading “I Posted a Silly Video Demo Of my Accessible Van Some Weeks Ago: This Piece is Much Better”

Scoring Your Disability

I do not know diddly about the Stages of MS Chart, but I have some familiarity with The Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS). It was developed to keep track of MS patients and is also used for AMN. Well. At least it was for me. I do not expect that there are enough AMNers toContinue reading “Scoring Your Disability”

Easy Backyard Access

I was in a bad spot. Before disability, I got great satisfaction from my yard. Keeping the grass trimmed, the trees pruned and the bird and squirrel bellies full. The wheel chair did not enhance the enjoyment, I tell you. I needed a solution. I built with my own two hands, from the comfort ofContinue reading “Easy Backyard Access”

Bored by Your Wheelchair? Looking for a more Practical Ride?

For those of you who are going to be visiting Bend, Oregon in the near future, I have the opportunity for you! Come take a free test ride on the coolest off road wheelchair (if you want to call it that) that I have ever seen. Sadly, I will not be making the trip, butContinue reading “Bored by Your Wheelchair? Looking for a more Practical Ride?”

Half Marathon in a Wheelchair

I have seen plenty of guys in races with handcycles and racing wheel chairs. I thought that I was the only dummy to try a race in a straight up ultralight chair like this dude is doing. They are going to make you sit through a pile of ads before you get to the video,Continue reading “Half Marathon in a Wheelchair”

Air Travel for the Disabled

Finally, efforts to make airline travel truly accessible for folks in wheelchairs. If I was the betting sort, I’d speculate that most people dependent on wheelchairs for mobility are apprehensive about traveling by air. And with good reason. It is difficult. While I do not have much trouble getting through the airport, cruising down theContinue reading “Air Travel for the Disabled”

Maxime Rolls up to the Beach!

Maxime has taken advantage of a plastic mat to facilitate his access to the beach. I had the same fabulous experience many years ago in Wilmette, Illinois. This an example of a very low-tech, low-price, high impact adaptation. Anyone in a chair who has struggled in the sand would appreciate this simple accommodation. I haveContinue reading “Maxime Rolls up to the Beach!”