There is work to be done!

Dear AMN men Certainly an exciting time for Minoryx and Swan Bio! As you all have learned, though, while we share many attributes of the disease, all of us are special in our own way. It is because of this, I am thinking that it is going to take more than 1-2 solutions to solveContinue reading “There is work to be done!”


The plan was a 4-year study, but 3.5 years in, I got a letter ordering me to stop taking the oil immediately, no explanation. I later learned that the IRB shut it down because enrolment was slow, inadequate patient retention and a safety issue. Turns out the safety thing was in a placebo patient, butContinue reading “Derailed”

Am I done? Am I Resting? Something Else?

A strange thing happened to me yesterday. When I was a young man, freshly diagnosed, I was full of vinegar, keen to learn the science and seek out potential cures. Not snake oil, oh no. There plenty of these salespeople to be had. This was not it. I wanted science-based answers. Sadly, there really wasContinue reading “Am I done? Am I Resting? Something Else?”