Partnering to fight AMN together

First let me say, on behalf of everyone at SwanBio Therapeutics, how much we admire and respect the platform Brad has created here with his blog. The voices of people dealing with AMN are the ones that rise to the top when we make decisions. For readers who don’t know us, SwanBio is targeting diseases of the nervous system with AAV gene therapy. Together, with the community, we hope to be powering a movement for people living with neurological disorders. How? By gaining a better understanding of disease burden and progression and incorporating that early in our development programs. We know the burden of disease for neurological disorders affects more than the person diagnosed. It affects everyone in their lives. That is why we are focused on moving to solutions quickly – solutions that prevent the progression of disease and enable the progression of the person. Why AMN? Why us? Why now? The strength of our commitment comes from our personal, long-standing investment in this cause. Just like for you, for us, this is personal. Our founders and many of our employees have family members affected by ALD and other neurodegenerative disorders. Our intent is to work alongside people like Brad and his family to change the trajectory of this disease for the better. We thank him and all his readers for their courage, leadership and inclusion of us.  

– Tom Anderson, CEO, SwanBio Therapeutics

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