Great Things

I do not expect many would argue with me on this one: the Coronavirus was a bad deal for all of us. While, fortunately, no one that I was close to died, more folks than I would want fell ill.

I am an opportunist, always have been. I think that this, coupled to my unbridled optimism helps me keep it together. Always looking for that silver lining.

It goes without saying that COVID made me have to try a bit harder to find that silver. Heck, before long, I’d of settled for copper. After taking a look at my current station in this whole messy fiasco of a thing, I have found it.

This did not come easy for me, but it did eventually stick its head up, and I grabbed it.

The pandemic was a Bonanza, yes, that is right, a Bonanza, with a capital B for the rare disease community. Maybe it has always been there, and I never noticed, but what I have met, are wonderful get-togethers of my people, courtesy of Zoom, Teams, WebEx, whatever.

For me, it was even better, on this 25th anniversary of my diagnosis with AMN, I decided that I was ready to announce myself to my community, and for the first time ever, try do some good for my brothers.

Yesterday, I came to know a Colombian man with AMN., Giancarlo. It was quite lovely. We chatted back and forth for the better part of the afternoon. By the time it was over, he guest posted the most faith-inspired, optimistic message I have heard in a while. Of course, he insisted that it be translated into English. Both versions are a couple of blogs back.

If you have not had a look, I strongly encourage you to. It made me feel good. I hope it will you, also.

Keep it straight. Brad

Published by bradleygillespie

I am just a guy with a disease called adrenomyeloneuropathy. I want other guys with the disease to see the good parts of disability. Not the gloom. Not the doom. Make sense?

4 thoughts on “Great Things

  1. What a great afternoon, so mucha silver lining. I wrote a post about the silver lining for em ansd it didn’t get many likes so I guess it didn’t go over well but there have been many silver linings of me. Stay strong.


    1. Nobody likes mine either. We win, we lose. I can tell you, people are reading Giancarlo’s post, though. He just texted me that he was approached by a young, desperate Colombian man. They talked for a while. He felt good about it. That is what I am trying to do. It is just so hard…. But you know that.

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