Coming Up: Early Leanings of a Crippled Man

Here is the next installment in my quest for a reimagined life!

Walking the Rails

The foundations were poured and my underpinnings securely in place. With passing of time, that gimpy strip of DNA began to stake its claim, and make a name for itself…..

With growth, comes progress. Such developments may come along in many ways. The mastery of a talent or skill, can be a beautiful thing. Or achievement could be marked by the identification and subsequent avoidance of things that are not going to be helpful. Few might question the wisdom of a young boy who quickly learns that it is a poor idea to shake hands with an electric fence. I had moved on from these earlier lessons.

My early school years were good ones. I was a bright kid that got along in my own way, making mainly good grades. While I did not make a mark as a great student, I would judge myself as above average. I participated…

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Published by bradleygillespie

I am just a guy with a disease called adrenomyeloneuropathy. I want other guys with the disease to see the good parts of disability. Not the gloom. Not the doom. Make sense?

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